• MIL Qualified Computers
  • Airborne Qualified Computers
  • JSS 55555 Qualified Computers
  • Marine Grade Computers
  • Railway Qualified Computers
  • Rugged Displays
  • Rugged Low Profile Servers
  • Rugged Standalone Switches
  • Rugged Routers
  • Rugged JSS 55555 Qualified Racks
  • Rugged Multi / Single Display Consoles
  • Qualified COTS Computers Boards on VPX, VME, CPCI on Intel / Power PC
  • Rugged GPGPU Solutions
  • Software Solutions for Camera Stabilization & Video Tracking
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Thrikasa is a leading Technology Company with a reliable OEM presence & Support. Our efforts are focused on providing much more than great hardware. We have built an ecosystem of inter-operable components, software and services that enable consistent and quick development of end user projects.

We recognize and target most critical success factors, such as:

  • Time to Market
  • Ruggedness Compliance to Industry Standards and Certifications
  • Reliability and long term availability
  • Good support service

An Integrated offer

We have layered our offer in order to provide the components for a wide range of needs from large integrators building an entire infrastructure to the developer looking for a development kit.

Our products effectively reduce the amount of work and time required to complete your project and make it possible to use latest technology in a transparent way.

Delivering innovation

Thrikasa provides the latest technologies: Mission computer, map computer, ultra-small intelligent devices, just to name few.

We take the challenge so our principles can provide boards with sophisticated design, exacting care and advanced manufacturing process that is required to build the most extreme condition computer and for the smallest wearable computer.

Our pride is that every time you use one of our boards, you are injecting that special extra in your product.

Thrikasa advantages

High quality and timely delivery are not sufficient to be successful in an increasingly competitive market, Thrikasa gives you more:

  • Software
    • Low level: Firmware, OS, BIOS
    • High level: Libraries, Board Support Package
  • Quality
    • Rugged Hardware
    • Guaranteed longevity of supply for extended product life
  • Support
    • Local Technical Support
    • Prototype solutions for fast turn around Development

Application specific boards

Thrikasa products are specific for demanding applications such as those found in the Industrial Transportation and Defense segments.

Since each application must address specific requirements, Thrikasa has the boards that can be used to build products that withstand the harshest environments such as Vibrations, Wide Temperature range, Shock, Humidity and Dust are not a problem for our board series.

If you are interested in an in-depth discussion about our select boards, call us on Tel: or write in info@thrikasa.in

We have dedicated teams with in-depth experience in each market segment, and we can support your design decisions with products that are tailored for your needs and regulations.

Customization services

Thrikasa strategy is based on products that comply with industry standards. However some projects require an extra ingredient.

Our personalization and configuration service allows a perfect match of your needs, implementing your unique design.

Examples of services

  • Software preinstallation
  • Hardware options
  • Choice of connectors
  • Conformal coating
  • Special testing / qualification


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