• MIL Qualified Computers
  • Airborne Qualified Computers
  • JSS 55555 Qualified Computers
  • Marine Grade Computers
  • Railway Qualified Computers
  • Rugged Displays
  • Rugged Low Profile Servers
  • Rugged Standalone Switches
  • Rugged Routers
  • Rugged JSS 55555 Qualified Racks
  • Rugged Multi / Single Display Consoles
  • Qualified COTS Computers Boards on VPX, VME, CPCI on Intel / Power PC
  • Rugged GPGPU Solutions
  • Software Solutions for Camera Stabilization & Video Tracking
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Established in 1983 and serving the high reliability, military and critical embedded computing markets since 1984, Aitech has been building a reputation as a provider of rugged and full military and aerospace embedded computing solutions for a long list of high-profile projects, including many world-wide defense industry and space programs.

And in the time since we introduced the world’s first conduction-cooled, full Mil-Spec VMEbus boards in 1985, we have grown far beyond basic off-the-shell VME and CompactPCI boards, mezzanine cards, power supplies, enclosures and fully integrated harsh environment, integrated computer sub-systems.

We have pioneered the way in developing multiple COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) products and capabilities that no one else has, such as:

  • The only defense COTS supplier to maintain true Mil-Spec -55°C to 85°C operating temperature range.
  • Proven heritage of rugged and mil products and services for Defense and Space applications.
  • Space-qualified, radiation-tolerant COTS CompactPCI and VMEbus boards.
  • Low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) options in industry-standard or custom form-factors.
  • The most on-board functionality & highest MIPS/watt processor boards
  • Multi-gigabyte Flash-based mass memory with memory- management and file-management software
  • Radiatin-tolerant, Layer-2 Gigabit Ehternet switch for Space applications
  • High-speed Gigabit Ethernet, SpaceWire, FireWire and serial communications boards
  • Advanced XMCs and PMCs for graphics, PCM telemetry and various video capabilities
  • A/D, D/A, R/D, D/R Servo Control I/O
  • A range of rugged control unit (RCU™), data concentrators and remote interface units
  • New VPX and OpenVPX products to support High Speed Serial (HSS) fabric architectures
  • DO178B and DO254 – have supplied Level A systems and boards
  • New, High Speed Serial (HSS) fabric architectures (OpenVPX) and more!

Aitech offers a full spectrum of technical support for its customers, including:

  • Pre-sales technical support (systems definition and configuration consultation, including rugged and space qualification and EEE parts consultation levels)
  • No added cost technical support for standard products including direct access to design and development engineers, without the overhead of a “request and grant” escalation process
  • Product customization and modification
  • Program management for customized LRU and development systems
  • Customized test and CM services
  • Our experienced hardware and software engineers resolve issues and keep development, test and production on schedule.

For Integration issues that go beyond Aitech standard product support, our systems expertise is available on a time and material services basis.

Aitech provides a broad array of customer support services to ensure a successful solution is delivered on time to the end user.

    • Field application and system engineers are available in the systems definition phase to find solutions for computing, communication and storage requirements
    • Participation in the selection of standard product to meet environmental and space qualification requirements and determine options for requirements that cannot be met by COTS
    • Where customer requirements cannot be met completely by our COTS products, our product customization, modification and project management services are available

Aitech provides complete program management – from systems definition and design to production. Aitech program customers can tailor functional and environmental testing to meet their specific needs.

Extended availability of supply parts and system configuration management are provided with Aitech’s unique COTS Lifecycle+ program to ensure the end user is supported from development through the entire program life-cycle.

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