• MIL Qualified Computers
  • Airborne Qualified Computers
  • JSS 55555 Qualified Computers
  • Marine Grade Computers
  • Railway Qualified Computers
  • Rugged Displays
  • Rugged Low Profile Servers
  • Rugged Standalone Switches
  • Rugged Routers
  • Rugged JSS 55555 Qualified Racks
  • Rugged Multi / Single Display Consoles
  • Qualified COTS Computers Boards on VPX, VME, CPCI on Intel / Power PC
  • Rugged GPGPU Solutions
  • Software Solutions for Camera Stabilization & Video Tracking
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TechMer has been providing communications solutions for more than 20 years to a global and diverse customer community. Tech-mer is a holding company in Telecom, Security, Cleantech and other areas, with Headquarters at Holon Israel. Tech-mer has 1400 workforce, operates from 40 branches, spread over Asia, Africa, Europe, North Central and South Americas. Tech-mer activities are supported by three manufacturing facilities and two R&D centres.

TechMer is a highly experienced, comprehensive communications solutions enterprise providing innovative network centric Interoperability communications solutions to Defense Forces, Public Safety First Responders and Enterprise users. TechMer has world recognition in overall C4I solutions, large scale security systems in aviation, Maritime, Critical infrastructure, mass public transport, “Safe City”, emergency response and crisis management.

TechMer solutions include command centers, field communication solutions, Radio over IP Interoperability solutions, Portable Mesh Communications and portable wireless video.
Integration of selected products from TechMer product range results in Quality solutions.

TechMer suite of services includes software update and refresh, training, helpdesk, project management, provision of remote mission oriented personnel, configuration management and other functions.

The TechMer product range includes Interoperability Gateways, Operator Touch Screen consoles, Multimedia IP Logger, IP PBX, High definition Screen Recorder (HDSR), armored vehicle Adaptor for cell phones (AVA), Merkava Digital Intercom System, View Air (Portable Video Network) and Data Communication Interface (DCI).

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