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True Vision Displays, Inc., designs and manufactures custom ruggedized, high bright LCD display systems using our own proprietary low-power LED backlight technology for outdoor readable LCD displays used in high ambient lighting as well as applications requiring a great degree of physical robustness.

True Vision Displays develops competitive solutions by enhancing LCD displays with improved performance features and specifications, such as: NVIS compatibility, Ruggedization, sunlight readability, LED backlighting, cover glass, with ITO coatings used for EMI / heater, optical bonding and improved low reflection surface treatments, such as anri-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), and IR, UVB filter glass options, LED drivers, and A/D kits for driving LCD displays.

TVD provides our customers with quality, custom, precision-engineered display solutions at a reasonable cost and with a quick turnaround. Our sunlight readable LCD modules offer high performance characteristics for use in harsh and demanding environments and are compact and low-profile as well. We strive to offer our customers with the highest quality custom LCD products with all the specialized features and specifications they may desire. Regardless the clients industry and use purpose; whether it be avionics, military, marine, public safety, digital signature, and banking, we have their needs covered.

True Vision Displays, Inc is a leader in the custom design and manufacture of specialty application LCD displays for modern industries. Our Headquarters is located in Cerritos, California, and houses a 30,000 sq. foot space devoted to in-house R&D and manufacturing. Our high level of expertise, technical capabilities, and creative problem-solving enable us to create LCD displays that meet the demanding need of clients from a variety of industries: defense, aerospace, financial, medical, and many others. Our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications are a testament to our continued quest for quality and excellence.

TVD is also a leader in the use of clean, renewable energy in the TFT LCD display manufacturing and enhancement market. Using roof-top solar installations, we are able to maintain self-sufficiency by generating enough energy for all our manufacturing needs. Our concern for the environment keeps us committed to minimizing the strain we cause on the planet.

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