High Capacity Radio Relay – (HCRR) / Light Weight Radio Relay – (LWRR)

IRR-B4 HCRR/LWRR equipment operates in Band – IV frequency (4400 MHz to 5000 MHz) capable of Full-Duplex data transfer up to 100 Mbps.

IRR-B4 supports following configurations:-

Fixed Frequency mode, Frequency hopping mode, Point to multi point and Repeater mode


Software Defined Radio – (SDR)

SDR supports Digital Waveforms: OFDM, Single carrier wideband and DSSS. Radio supports legacy waveforms such as FM, AM, FSK, a single carrier narrow

band waveform of 50 KHz bandwidth and CPM. SDR services include legacy Analog Voice, Digital Voice, Data, Video capture and display. SDR is MANET ready. User defined encryptions can be loaded via a standard fill gun. TRANSEC is via FH at hop rate up to 800 hops per second. IVUR- A2A is airborne version Radio that works in the VHF, UHF and L band frequencies and is designed to operate in Air to Air, Ground to Air and Air to Ground modes.


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) – Model LCR

Model LCR is an open Digital Mobile Radio standard defined in the (ETSI) Standard TS 102 361 parts 1–4. DMR, uses proprietary AMBE+2 vocoder and two-slot TDMA in a 12.5 kHz channel for DMR Call and 25 kHz for FM call.

It offers both voice and data communications and interfacing to external networks. Voice communications offer features as call alert, emergency call, remote monitoring, silent worker, Push-to-Talk ID, radio check, all call, stunning etc. It also offers greater call capacity, more reliability, security features, better call quality, privacy features, longer battery life, increased spectrum efficiency. DMR are offered in VHF and UHF bands



Air Band Radio – ABR

VHF Air band Transceiver operates in VHF band of 118 to 136.975 MHz for Airband Applications.  This module transmits up to 32W pep output with AM modulation for voice and is capable of receiving signals with a sensitivity of –107 dBm with 1 kHz modulating signal for 6dB SINAD. The module has RF frontend, modulation and demodulation circuits for AM, Power Amplifier, RF and IF filters along with VSWR and Thermal protection along with indication circuits  The transmitter section will operate at high power of 9W output with all protections. The receive section of this module has two stages of down conversions. First stage will convert received signal to 38.85 mHz and second conversion is to 450 kHz. This 450 KHz is fed to AM demodulator for Audio extraction and is fed to Speaker as well as Headset